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Do you need to sell your house quick? We’re your local real estate investor that will make you an “All-cash” offer on your property within hours of you calling us or filling out our website form. Sure, there are a myriad of options to use when deciding to sell your home, and although most people decide to list their house on the MLS with a licensed agent, that option is not always the best route for a motivated homeowner to take. You see, when you list your house with a Realtor, there are many factors that come into play very quickly.

Your selling costs can begin to increase, as you’ll sign an agreement with an agent to pay the Broker around 6% commission for handling the transaction. Other than the high cost of listing your home, there is the time factor. How long will it take for “potential buyer” to make an offer on your house? A month? Six months? Typically, we buy homes from homeowners that don’t have months to get rid of their house…they have days.

Our expertise is in real estate investing and in evaluating distressed properties in their “as-is” condition, then making serious offers that we fully intend to close on. We’re not like those sharks out there who are out to squeeze every last dime of equity out of your home for our benefit; We really enjoy helping people out of difficult situations, and turning a decent profit in the process. We’ve learned over the years that there are many reasons why you may need to sell your house for cash and we are here to help.

The acquisition team at York PA Property Services can provide you with a fair offer on your house quickly and at a fair cash price.

We buy houses in most areas of  Lancaster, PA & York, PA and in any condition!

We promise to be courteous and professional while giving you various options on the purchase of your home.

All of the information is not required but the more details you provide, the more options we can give you!

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